Parma Municipal Airport
Parma, Idaho, USA
Runway Dimensions
3,700 ft
19°F to 91°F

In early 2018, the City of Parma will install Carmanah’s solar-powered runway lights at Parma Municipal Airport as part of a larger airport viability upgrade. The lights will expand the airport’s nighttime capabilities, allowing take-offs and landings all day and night. The project is being funded by the Idaho Airport Aid Program, an allocation program designed to further the development of Idaho’s airports that aren’t eligible for federal airport funding. Along with a runway extension set to start in the next two years, these upgrades will make the airport more viable for Parma’s local agricultural industry.

The airport will become the first in Idaho to use solar-powered runway lighting, and the first to enjoy its advantages. The lights use no electrical wiring, so require no trenching—the entire installation is expected to take less than half a day. Parma Airport will also save about 60% on the upfront cost of their installation, and will pay no electricity or utility costs for the life of their runway lighting system.

Project Summary (coming soon)

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