Boulder City Airport
Boulder City, Nevada
41°F to 102°F

The Boulder City Airport, a general aviation facility serving the citizens of Boulder City and the surrounding communities, is used for both private and commercial airplanes. In 2005, the airport authority needed to upgrade their taxiway lighting system and began sourcing various options. They came across Carmanah and were drawn to the advantages of solar-powered lighting over hardwired alternatives. Quick and easy installation, the ability to relocate without the hassle of cables and wires, and significant cost savings all combined to make solar-powered taxiway lighting the preferred option for Boulder City.

The lights were installed by a local Eagle Scout team as part of a leadership challenge and caused no disruption in the day-to-day airport operations. The project was welcomed as a major improvement to safety and security at the airport, satisfying the needs of airport users and providing an excellent civic service to the people of Boulder City. “The LED taxiway lights that we ordered have performed even beyond our expectations,” said Brok Armantrout from the Boulder City Airport. “We look forward to eventually converting most lights over to the solar LEDs.”

Later the following year, the airport purchased additional taxiway lights and an elevated runway guard lighting system (ERGL). Carmanah’s solar-powered LED lighting products proved to be a cost-effective and reliable solution for the airport.


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