Solutions for off-airport operations

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Rugged, reliable, and portable design – lighting where you need it, when you need it.

Easy setup

Minimal installation time with no electrical infrastructure required.


Ensure visibility with proven equipment that is backed by over 20 years of worldwide experience.

Lighting for off-airport operations

Airports are designed to ensure safety and ease of operation. A good airport lighting system enhances situational awareness in the air and makes it easy to navigate while on the ground.

Pilots, ground crews, and operations personnel make it their job to be familiar with the lights and signs at an airport, but what about when the pavement ends? Keep your off-airport operations safe and familiar with Carmanah lighting solutions.

We offer a wide range of portable lighting solutions which are light weight, easy to deploy, and provide the same visual cues and characteristics that you would expect to see at an airport.

Enhance situational awareness on the runway with the A704 solar runway light. Mark your taxiway and apron area with the A650 solar taxiway light. Line up your final approach with portable approach lighting and approach path indicators.

Common off-airport applications include:

  • Mining and exploratory airstrips,
  • Medivac and emergency response,
  • Search and rescue,
  • Surveillance operations,
  • Anti-poaching operations,
  • Private airstrips and special events,
  • and many others…

Mining & Exploration

Stake your claim and get out again. Carmanah has the lighting solution you need to establish operations in the most remote areas of the world. We specialize in portable and temporary airstrip solutions for the mining, oil & gas, and natural resource sectors.

Once a suitable landing location has been determined, mark it for future use. When you’re done, pack up and use the same equipment in another location.

Medivac & emergency response

During an emergency you need to focus on the task at hand, you don’t want to worry about whether your lights will work or not.

Carmanah runway lighting and helipad lighting is the reliable choice for remote locations which require medivac and emergency response capability at night.

Whether it is an airfield lighting trailer with enough lights for a 4000 meter runway, or 4 lights for a temporary helipad, Carmanah lighting solutions work when and where the electrical grid doesn’t.

Surveillance & anti-poaching

If you want to see but not be seen, Carmanah lighting solutions will work for you. We’ve supported local police and military customers around the world with reliable military grade lighting solutions for surveillance and night operations. Police forces and military benefit from standard infra-red/NVG capability with all A704 runway lights.

Our commitment to preventing illegal operations also extends to non-government organizations which participate in anti-poaching surveillance activities to protect endangered species. Our compact and portable runway lights have effectively been deployed rapidly in remote locations to facilitate night operations when required.

Special use

Have a unique application in mind? Contact us!

Whether it is a remote special event that requires air transportation, a forward operating base with unreliable electrical infrastructure, or a location which requires temporary airborne transportation, we would be happy to lend our expertise.

If you have a problem, let Carmanah lighting be your off-airport solution.

Airstrip lighting in 5 easy steps

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Buy equipment for less than conventional lighting.


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Land safely with no maintenance for seven years.

Deploy, operate, then take the lights with you – with no electricity needed.