Helipad Landing Lights

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Lower cost than conventional lighting—with no sacrifice to quality, durability, or service.

Easy setup

Enjoy fast shipping and minimal installation time with no electrical infrastructure required.


Ensure visibility with proven equipment that is backed by over 20 years of worldwide experience.

Helipad lighting solutions in 5 easy steps


Speak with our experts to find your ideal solution.


Buy equipment for less than conventional lighting.


Receive your equipment in two to three weeks.


No trenching, cabling or electrical work required.


Land safely with no maintenance for seven years.

Easy to install, operate, and maintain with no electricity costs.

Helipad Lighting Solutions

Carmanah has been an industry leader in helipad lighting solutions for over 20 years and our products have demonstrated time and time again that they can stand up to the harshest conditions and operate reliably, independent of electrical infrastructure.

Our helipad lighting is self-contained, easy to install, and requires virtually no maintenance for an average of 7 years.

These qualities ensure that Carmanah helipad lighting meets and exceeds the needs of helipad owners, operators, and users.

ICAO Compliant

FAA Compliant

A704-VL – Helipad Light

Solar helipad lighting systems are a dependable alternative to generator- or grid-powered lighting for ground, rooftop, offshore, temporary, or remote heliports. This system meets traditional helipad requirements in an easy-to-install, low maintenance package. Carmanah provides customized systems for the world’s toughest environments.


  • Helipads
  • Touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF)
  • Final approach and take-off area (FATO)
  • Taxiway lighting
  • NVG operations
  • Emergency/Portable/Temporary operations

A650 – Taxiway Lighting

Available in several colors, the A650 solar taxiway light and barricade light meets FAA and ICAO requirements for taxiway lighting and general purpose marking. Lower cost than traditional airport lighting, it doesn’t sacrifice quality, durability or service.

Powered by high-endurance batteries designed for aerospace with a lifetime of over 2500 cycles, the A650 is built to last for over 20 years with no maintenance for seven years on average.

  • Applications:
  • Taxiway and apron edge
  • Helipads
  • Construction, barricades, and fences
  • Temporary or permanent markings
  • Hazard marking

Solar Windcone

Carmanah’s internally illuminated LED solar wind cone uses proven solar technology to provide a flexible and adaptable light that can easily be placed wherever needed for quick installation and minimal ongoing maintenance. Featuring crisp LED illumination, Carmanah wind cones improve the visibility of wind direction in night and low-light conditions. Carmanah wind cones come in both permanent and portable designs.


  • Easy installation and relocation
  • Rugged weatherproof design
  • Reliable performance

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