Airside Construction and Barricade Lighting

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Low cost—with no sacrifice to quality, durability, or service.

Easy setup

Enjoy fast shipping and minimal installation time for when you need it most.


Ensure visibility with proven portable lighting solutions with no need for external electricity.

Airside construction and barricade lighting in 5 easy steps


Speak with our experts to find your ideal solution.


Buy equipment for less than conventional lighting.


Receive your equipment in two to three weeks.


Mount easily with no cables or electrical work required.


Mark your construction site with no maintenance for 7 years.

Easy to install, operate, and maintain with no electricity costs.

Portable lighting solutions for airside construction and barricades

Carmanah has been an industry leader in portable airport lighting for over 20 years but our experience doesn’t stop off the runway.

Our portable airport lighting is self-contained and easy to use and deploy, which makes it the ideal choice for fast paced and safety critical airside construction.

Do you need to get the job done? Carmanah Technologies has the products you need to ensure your site is safe, visible, and compliant.

Equipment Marking

Make a visible impression on your clients with compliant equipment marking. With various lighting intensities, colors, and flash settings available, we have the products you need to be seen airside.

Barricade Lighting

Looking to keep people and planes out of your construction site? Mark your barricades or runway/taxiway closures with Carmanah unserviceability lights. Operation is as easy as installing the light and turning it on. All our solar products charge during the day and can operate automatically dusk to dawn. Even when there is cloud, our lights are sized to last.

Land side Construction and Vertical Obstruction

Looking to take your construction land side? Contact our obstruction lighting department at or visit for all your land side and vertical obstruction lighting needs.

A650 – Barricade Light

Available in several colors, the A650 solar barricade light meets FAA and ICAO requirements for general purpose marking. The A650 solar barricade light is low cost, low maintenance, and high quality.

Powered by high-endurance batteries designed for aerospace with a lifetime of over 2500 cycles, the A650 is built to last for over 20 years with no maintenance for seven years on average.


  • Construction, barricades, and fences
  • Temporary or permanent markings
  • Hazard marking
  • Taxiway and apron edge
  • Helipads

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