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What Can Your Lights Be Used For?

We offer total airfield solutions for airports and helipads. Our solar lighting can be used for low- and medium-intensity applications for both permanent and temporary installations.

Our customers come from all sectors—public and private—including civil/general aviation, government, police forces, military, and private owner/operators.

We serve municipal, regional, and international airports and military bases worldwide.

We offer:

What are the Benefits of Using Solar Airfield Lighting?

Carmanah’s solar lights meet and exceed the performance of comparable AC grid powered lights.

The benefits of choosing Carmanah airfield lighting include:

Low Total Cost

Wireless solar systems save money on electrical infrastructure and skilled labor. An optional handheld wireless controller manages lights instead of a costly control tower. Long-lasting batteries and LEDs rarely need replacing.


Install in minutes instead of days—no trenching or specialized crew required. Lights can be set to turn on and off automatically, or to operate on-demand with a wireless controller (optional).


Third-party testing for compliancy guarantees safety on your airfield. Lights are built to withstand harsh environments: they’re watertight, sand-proof, dustproof, and highly resistant to breakage. All come standard with IR (infrared) mode for NVG (night vision goggles).


Rapid delivery means you can get started quickly, and the easy setup means you can be up and running in days, not weeks. With no need for a specialized installation crew or electrician, anyone can set up the system.

How Does Solar Airfield Lighting Work?

A solar airfield light contains several parts that work together; solar panels, batteries, LEDs, and an intelligent energy management system.

  • Solar panels: Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity, which charges the battery bank.
  • Battery: High-efficiency batteries store electricity generated from the solar panels.
  • LEDs: The LEDs use energy stored in the battery to light the airfield based on programmable settings.
  • Energy management system: The EMS ensures the light turns on and off when it’s supposed to, ensures the battery maintains a proper charge, and communicates with a programmed remote control (if applicable) to control the light from a distance.

The diagram below shows how this process works. Hover over the numbers to see how each step works.

Why Choose Carmanah?

We’ve been an industry leader and innovator in solar lighting for over 20 years. Our products are constantly updated and improved, meeting and exceeding the latest industry practices. The longevity of our products and our exceptional service is evident through our satisfied new and repeat customers. These include the US Coast Guard, US Air Force, the Canadian Forces, and other military forces around the world.

Our products are built to outlast and outperform the competition, which translates to a lower life cycle cost for our customers.

Location + Weather

Does Solar Lighting Work when it's cloudy outside?

Yes, our solar panels collect energy from the sun on cloudy days. Our products are designed and specified to provide up to 400 hours of continuous power, in case of several consecutive days of poor solar charging.

Will the Lights work in my challenging location?

Our lights stand up to the toughest conditions, made of weather- and corrosion-resistant bodies of steel and powder-coated aluminum. They can withstand extreme temperatures, strong wind, and more.

Watch this extreme testing video to see Carmanah solar airfield lights withstand being frozen, dropped, submerged in the ocean, and more.

Every new installation is verified using a solar simulation to ensure the correct product is being used for that location

Where have carmanah airfield systems been installed?

Our airfield systems have been installed around the world, from Afghanistan to Zambia.

To learn more about individual projects, visit the Portfolio page.

Where are Carmanah products manufactured?

Our products are made in the USA and Canada.


Are Carmanah solar airfield lights for temporary or permanent installations?

In addition to being a complete solution for permanent airfield installations, solar lighting is also suitable for temporary, emergency, and portable airfields and helipads.

We pride ourselves on being a viable solution to a wide variety of applications.

Check out this video to see Carmanah solar airfield lighting at work in a temporary runway, built on a highway as part of the Royal Singapore Air Force’s biannual training exercise.

What installation options do you offer?

Our lights can be installed permanently or temporarily using a variety of mounting options.


  • Flange Mount
  • Stake Mount


  • Stake Mount
  • Rubber Mat Kit
  • Integrated Base

Performance + Compliance

Is Solar Airfield Lighting Reliable?

Carmanah solar airfield lighting has been utilized in over 500 airports and 150 military bases in over 100 countries. For over 15 years, our durable and reliable products have exceeded industry standards, making our lighting a proven choice for both military and civilian airfields worldwide.

Every new installation is verified using a solar simulation to ensure the correct product is being used for that location.

How Long do the Batteries Last?

Our battery selection is a source of pride at Carmanah. We use high-quality lead-acid batteries that are designed specifically for aerospace and solar applications. These rugged and reliable batteries are tested in extreme temperatures and rated for over 2,500 cycles.

For our products, that’s 6.8 years at 12 hours per day!

On average our customers report 7+ years of battery life. Other than occasionally cleaning the lenses and solar panels, battery replacements are one of the only maintenance items required.

Our batteries come with a standard one-year warranty. They are all recyclable—consult your local laws for information on recycling.

How Long do the LEDs Last?

LEDs last 100,000+ hours, requiring virtually no bulb changes over the life of the lighting unit.

What Certifications do your Lights Meet?

Our lights meet the requirements of:

  • ICAO
  • FAA
  • ISO
  • FCC
  • CE
  • TC

All of our products are verified by a third party for compliance.

Please refer to our individual product pages for compliance information.

Reputation + Warranty

How Long is the Product Warranty?

All of our airfield products have an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Our batteries are covered under a one-year warranty.

Our standard warranty can be found here.

What do I do if I have a Problem with a Product?

Many of the issues our customers experience can be solved by consulting the manual and other documentation provided for your product. You can find this documentation on the product page for your product.

We stand by our products and value our customers. If your problem cannot be resolved, contact technical support:


Toll Free: 1.877.722.8877 (US & Canada)

Worldwide: 1.250.380.0052

Fax: 1.250.380.0062


What do Customers have to say about their Carmanah Airfield Solutions?

Thank you for all your help the last 7 months. Out of all the companies I deal with over here, Carmanah staff and yourself are by far the most professional and helpful, and always quick to respond to all inquiries. Until next time, thanks again.” – USMC

Carmanah airfield lights saved lives in Iraq during OIF2 at Balad Airbase. Your sturdy maintenance-free self-contained lights were deployed in one day, lighting our parking pads, refueling areas, taxiways, and four landing pads for our 140-plus helicopters. They instantly made our operations safer…great product…” – Mississippi Army National Guard, Balad Iraq

Please visit our Portfolio to read about our installations and visit our Updates page for news and testimonials from a variety of projects around the world.

What Is Carmanah's Commitment to the Environment and Social Responsibility?

We are committed to doing business in a manner that supports people, planet, and profit. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and supporting the health, well-being, and education of our people and the people in the communities we serve.

Please visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page here.

Still have questions? Contact us.

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